How will user's compile with Makefiles? Was: Re: large bss size for sample applications

Gedare Bloom gedare at
Sat Sep 26 13:04:52 UTC 2015

The comment below, made in the users ml, caught me off guard. How will
user's applications build when RTEMS is built with Waf?

If there is a complex answer, then this conversation belongs here on
the devel ml until we can sort it out.


On Sat, Sep 26, 2015 at 2:36 AM, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
> On 25/09/2015 11:04 pm, Jeff Webb wrote:
>> On 09/25/2015 07:59 AM, Gedare Bloom wrote:
>>>> The next task for me will be to set up a simple out-of tree C or C++
>>>> POSIX
>>>> application.
>>>> Thanks again for all the help!
>>>> -Jeff
>>> Simple examples for out-of-tree builds exist in the examples-v2.git
>>> repository with the "RTEMS Application Makefile" approach using custom
>>> Makefiles, and with the "RTEMS Application Waf" approach using
>>> wscripts and a git-submodule for waf support. The former is an older,
>>> established way to build applications linking to an 'installed' RTEMS,
>>> and the latter is a newer way to do it.
>> Perfect!  This is just what I need.  Thanks for the pointer.
> The Makefile approach will not be supported with the waf build of RTEMS
> when it lands.
> Chris
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