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Wed Dec 7 20:42:15 UTC 2016

On Dec 7, 2016 1:49 PM, "Kirspel, Kevin" <Kevin-Kirspel at idexx.com> wrote:

I’m porting QT 5.8 to RTEMS 4.12 and rtems-libbsd.  I had to add pipe
support to rtems-libbsd.  I would like to submit the pipe patch but the
“git diff” is long due to the fact that the diff includes the entire file
contents of the modified sys_pipe.c and pipe.h files.  How do you usually
submit patches for review for rtems-libbsd?

The same way as normal. You could compress the diff if that shrinks it
enough to attach a d get to the main list

Probably easier to file a ticket.

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