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Darshit Shah darnir at
Fri Jan 15 10:57:42 UTC 2016

Hi Team,

My name is Darshit Shah and I'd like to (potentially) be a part of the
RTEMS project for GSoC 2016. I know that the organization applications
open only next month, but I'm assuming that you will apply again this
year and be selected as well.

I'm sending this email to the devel mailing list since it mostly
concerns development of RTEMS and may not be of wide interest to the
audience of the users list.

As of now, I have been through quite a bit of the Getting Started
documentation available on the wiki, and have managed to set up a
working environment for SPARC/SIS. The wiki says prospective students
need to provide proof of setting up the environment. I've attached a
patch file for the Hello World test program that I modified along with
a screenshot after I ran it with `sparc-rtems4.11-run` instead of the
gdb session as is shown on the wiki page. Please do let me know if I
need to provide anything else.
I've seen that the preferred method of sending patches to this mailing
list is via git send-email which would send the patches inline.
Currently my msmtp authentication is broken for some reason and hence
I'm unable to use git send-email directly. And pasting a patch in
Gmail is known to cause multiple issues. I'll fix my setup soon and be
able to send future patches directly via the command line.

I'd also like to discuss about prospective open projects. I've been
through the Open Projects page and found a few that I'd be interested
in. Please do let me know if they're still available and if there's
continued interest in seeing them fulfilled. I'm listing them in no
particular order:

1. POSIX Compliance Test Suite:
2. Using Clang:
3. Condition Variables:
4. Nested Mutexes:
5. Paravirtualization:
6. Improve POSIX Compliance:

The above listed projects seem rather more interesting to me from the
entire list and I would not mind working on any of them. I am open to
other project suggestions as well. Since, I haven't played around with
RTEMS enough as yet, I am unable to come up with a new idea myself.

A little information about me:
I'm a master's student in Computer Science at the Saarland University,
Germany. My research interests are in Hard Real Time Systems,
especially in providing hard bounds on WCET and Memory Requirements of
algorithms being implemented. My Bachelor's Thesis was based on
providing an analysis of the Read-Copy-Update Synchronization
Primitive in a Hard Real Time context. Hence, RTEMS seems like a
perfect match for me.

Thanking You,
Darshit Shah
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