[PATCH 1,2,3] Add STM32F4 and F7 BSP

Gedare Bloom gedare at rtems.org
Fri Jan 15 21:55:55 UTC 2016


In patches 1 and 2:
* If the HAL code might be re-updated, the RTEMS changes should be
ifdef'd so it may be easier to integrate future versions.
* By the same token, you may want to ifdef out unused code instead of
deleting lines.

In patch 3:
Does this clash with Sebastian's recent patch removing the cmsis_rtos files?

Does it make sense to split out the cpukit/dev files from the new BSP?

Any function not declared 'static' and anything in a public header
should follow the naming conventions, e.g. HAL_CAN_TxCpltCallback()
should be stm32_HAL...(), and hal-can.h should declare its types with
e.g. stm32_...().

For the confdefs.h change, it probably makes sense to have something
else like.. CONFIGURE_BSP_SEMAPHORES. This can be discussed separately
as it needs some additional thought. The issue is how to let the BSP
append its own configuration needs.

Why divide the stack size in half for arm/cpu.h?

Don't change the samples without reason: hello/init.c and minimum/init.c

Remove the .cproject file.

I was only able to give a cursory examination to this third patch. I
skipped most everything within the BSP.


On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 2:34 PM, Isaac Gutekunst
<isaac.gutekunst at vecna.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are ready to get the STM32F4 and STM32F7 BSPs out.
> They both work and have been tested, and pass a majority of the test cases.
> We are aware there are likely many issues that need to be resolved in order
> to get this int mainline. Despite having existing obligations, we'll be able
> to dedicate several hours each week address code review.
> We can provide an updated configuration file for running the test cases
> against a remote GDB server. We've done testing using J-Links as the debug
> probe.
> As you've probably seen, there are issues with lwip that have not been
> resolved.
> If anyone out there is interested, we may be able to provide you with a
> STM32F4-Discovery or STM32F7-Discovery board. Please contact me off list if
> you are interested.
> Thanks,
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