Updates and Problems on "Raspberry Pi USB and Ethernet Support" Project

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed Jul 13 00:11:03 UTC 2016

On 12/07/2016 23:32, Alan Cudmore wrote:
> I'm not sure what I did to get the extra debug messages. When I run the
> usb01 example, I just see:
> nexus0: <RTEMS Nexus device>
> I will have to read up on how the libbsd drivers are used, and what
> needs to be done to set them up in nexus-devices.h

I would work backwards from one of the prints you are not seeing.

One way to work out the issue is to directly check the missing prints 
statements in the module of code. If you add '--show-commands' to the 
waf configure command line the commands used to build the code are 
printed. If you then change in to the build directory, cut and paste the 
command to build the source you are interested and add '-save-temps' you 
will get the pre-processed output. Check the .i file and if there are no 
print statements you know a define controlling it is missing. You will 
then need to track the headers to find it. Once found add the option to 
the '--freebsd-options' list.

Note, if you create an error in the source, eg add 'x' anywhere, the 
build will stop on the file of interest. This speeds up getting to the 
command line you are interested in. Remove the error once you have the 

> Chris: do you know if it would help to boot FreeBSD on the Pi to see the
> messages and look at what drivers are used?

I tend to try and boot FreeBSD if possible and check the messages and 
what is detected match. I am doing this on the Beckhoff PC hardware at 
the moment.


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