Help required with setting up TFTP communication between QEMU instance and host machine

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Jul 22 19:34:57 UTC 2016

On 23/07/2016 3:47 AM, vivek kukreja wrote:
> I'm working on improving the current tracing framework of
> RTEMS(Capture Engine and Trace Linker) for GSoC 2016. In the current
> phase, I have to transport trace files from RTEMS to host machine.
> I've built rtems-libbsd drivers for xilinx_zynq_19_qemu bsp and all
> examples are building with QEMU for arm.
> The testsuite has examples of a TFTP(and NFS) client running on the
> loopback interface, but I need help with configuring the ethernet
> interface.

Please look at the rcconf01 test:

Create an in memory rc.conf file with:

ifconfig_cgem0="inet netmask"

Call 'rtems_bsd_run_rc_conf_script' with the script.

> If someone has worked on setting up communication between RTEMS target
> and host machine, or has similar examples please share. Any help is
> appreciated!

If you are on Linux you need to set up a tap and then get qemu to use 
the tap. I do not use Linux so I cannot help.


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