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Sat Mar 19 01:35:48 UTC 2016

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 6:03 PM, Павел Мовчан <movchan.pv at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I want to work with RTEMS and do some work for it.
> I find SMP and "Condition Variables"(status?) is very interesting for me. I
SMP is moving fast right now. Sebastian Huber may have more to say on
whether anything is worth trying for GSoC.

> can do some work to improve smp locks and synchronization primitives.
> "Merge Leon" project also seems interesting.
Merge Leon is done.

> Maybe community can aim me to right direction..
> I hope it is not too late to participate in GSoC. Anyway I want make some
> contribution and get some new expirience in open source.
You have only 1 week left to write your proposal. You also need to
complete our getting started tutorial:

> about me:
> I am student (candidate for a Master's degree) of Siberian Aerospace
> University (Russia). I want to find opportunity to improve my programming
> skills (rtos, embedded systems) and I decide that work on RTEMS is it.
> I have some experience in other rtos (tnkernel), but it's only application
> software. With rtems I wrote small framework to test SpaceWire network, that
> use concept of temporary tasks for parallel receive&transmit packets.
> In my university I have access to some specific hardware like gr rasta
> platform with Leon3FT.
You might like to consider a space-relevant project such as fault
tolerant injection testing, investigating what other architectures
other than Sparc might make use of the Gaisler Driver Manager
(cpukit/libdrvmgr) or one idea worth consider is to provide a platform
support package for RTEMS 4.11 using the cFE/OSAL flight software
stack. See:

> p.s. Sorry for bad english
> Regards,
> Movchan Pavel
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