Driver complaint to SD Host Controller Specification 3.0

Mudit Jain muditjain18011995 at
Thu May 26 14:06:44 UTC 2016

Hi Sebastian & Andre,

In the last IRC meeting, Gedare had mentioned that you have previously
worked on the SD card driver.

I was working on the SD Card driver for Rpi.

I was going through the driver code that has been ported. I was able to
browse and get a top level overview regarding the ported driver using the
documentation for the APIs used from FreeBSD.

The driver is working for the powerpc/qoriq BSP.

I wanted to know which SDHC is present on that BSP and to which
specification was the driver tailored to?

RPi has a SD host controller that is complaint to Specification 3.0. Thus I
was following this link :

Andre, were the previous commits regarding the reset logic done based on
this specification ? I wanted to clarify that that function logics that are
to be implemented will be based on this specification ?

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