ESA SOCIS - Porting the Monkey HTTP Server

Chris Johns chrisj at
Tue May 3 02:27:53 UTC 2016

On 02/05/2016 20:07, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> what is the benefit of the Monkey HTTP server compared to Civetweb?

It is not mongoose or civetweb. :) Originally when I started looking at 
Monkey I was looking for something new to give us options and I still 
think this is something we should consider. I am happy to see both 

It is nicely implemented and there are a couple of people looking after 
the code base and the related project. I like the idea of a plug in 
interface which can be statically linked.

We had issues with kqueue in the new stack but I am sure we can find a 
suitable way to integrate it with RTEMS. I also think we should see if 
we need the sock pairs to manage events or we could see if we can map at 
a different layer and use something better suited to RTEMS. The thread 
stack allocation could be improved, but this is not the first time we 
have come across issues in this area.


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