Using inttypes macros fixes 4 format warnings

Cillian O'Donnell cpodonnell8 at
Sat Apr 8 11:59:38 UTC 2017

I used the wrong subject heading, that was meant to end up above the last
ones. That's all I got. I'll have to get some college assignments out of
the way now before I can do any more.

I resubmitted them below, the ratemonreportstatistics.c is missing as I'm
not sure how to define rtems/inttypes.h. I took a look in*
testsuites/psxtests/include/pmacros.h *as you mentioned that looked good. I
copied that to cpukit/include/rtems/ and thought I could use it as a
starting point. Just as a quick test, I tried to use one of the PRIxx
constants already defined, but the bsps didn't build because
ratemonreportstatistics.c could not find <rtems/pmacros.h>. I guess there's
some linking mechanism there I'm not aware of.
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