No preinstall and rtems.git master freeze

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sun Dec 24 00:52:03 UTC 2017


I have a branch called 'no-preinstall' in a personal repo:

It builds a beagleboneblack without networking and not much else looking at the
results of a tier-1 build:

It is now a process of working through the issues. A brief review shows a mix of
source referencing a local header, ie '#include "cs8900.h"' and the header is
now in a fixed part of the header API tree, or build related issues like the
Xilinx Zynq's linkercmds file is not being found. The linkcmds files are now
referenced in the source and not copied and renamed to the build tree which
exposes issues in some BSPs.

I will start to push changes onto my personal branch. Please post patches
against the branch to this list and I will merge them. I need help or this will
take a while to complete.

I suggest we freeze the rtems.git master branch if this is possible until we get
the no-preinstall changes merged.

Should I post the changes for review or can the branch I listed above we OK for
review purposes?


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