GSoC Mentors / Projects of Interest

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Feb 6 04:08:35 UTC 2017


This is a great idea.

On 01/02/2017 05:54, Gedare Bloom wrote:
> * Use only one keyword. I prefer "SoC" so it is generic to other
> 'summer of code' style projects.

I have added a new report under "Available Reports" called "SoC 
Projects". You can find the "Available Reports" link just under the menu 
bar after clicking on "View Tickets".

> * Use the components field to further categorize. We have some obvious
> ones for the subheadings now, such as 'bsps', 'libbsd', 'testing'.
> Others should be identified or else we can create new components if
> necessary. I'd like to stick with the current subheadings for this
> year's GSoC, but we can revise later.

I have added a new ticket type "project" to separate the informational 
nature of these tickets from the other ticket types and I have updated 
all existing SoC tickets to be now be projects.


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