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Hello Developers,

This is Pravin Soni, new in open source, working at KRACKIN Technologies. I
willing to contribute in RTEMS. For a beginner, can you please suggest
me some open and unmentioned projects or tickets according to you. I
have seen rtems wiki page and i have gone through the quick start page and
trying to setup environment for SPARS BSP. I also heard about "Electra"
from one of my
friend (Aditya Upadhyay) he is working for rtems posix compliance. I am
having idea about C,C++,Python,Shell Script.

There are many other RTEMS applications in space and on Earth besides
Electra. It has been on missions from Venus to Jupiter. :)

Any help from you will be give me chance to take a step in RTEMS.

If you have a SPARC BSP running all the tests, then the easiest next step
to contribute is to fix a warning. This is usually more about the process
of submitting than the difficulty and gets you over the hump with git,
submitting patches, etc. I think there is a warning on the master in
psximfs02 (may be a similar name) that needs to be fixed.

Beyond that, we always encourage folks to look for an area they are
interested in. And match the task with how much time you are willing to

We are always happy to have new contributors. But RTEMS is a large enough
project where you can find something you like. :)


Thanks & Regards

Pravin Soni

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