Can't enable a dummy clock driver

Joel Sherrill joel at
Sat Jul 22 19:24:29 UTC 2017

On Jul 22, 2017 3:01 PM, "Denis Obrezkov" <denisobrezkov at> wrote:

Hello, I am trying to enable a dummy clock driver.
I did as Joel suggested like in v850sim BSP.
But now I have a problem - the driver isn't initialized properly.
I receive an exception "Illegal instruction" during rtems_io_initialize.
The line with the exception is /cpukit/sapi/src/ioinitialize.c:36:
return callout ? callout(major, minor, argument) : RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL

and "p callout" in gdb returns:
(rtems_device_driver_entry) 0x2040087c <Clock_initialize+34>

What could be the reason for such a behavior?

Accidental data overwrite?

Regards, Denis Obrezkov

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