Coverage tools project direction [GSOC]

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sun Jun 4 02:56:50 UTC 2017

On 3/6/17 10:14 pm, Cillian O'Donnell wrote:
> I've just realised that I've been fixing problems with the RTEMS
> Tester work that has already been done to convert bash scripts to
> python, but I probably should of first been trying to get the old
> sim-scripts method working from rtems-testing repo because this will
> give me more bsps to test qemu with. So I'm now trying to fix the
> do_coverage runtime errors due to covoar and its related files being
> moved to RTEMS Tester.

I would prefer we do not invest more time in the scripts in the rtems-testing
repo. I personally would like to move this repo to under Joel so it becomes a
personal repo for him and away from the top level because a new user could think
this is the way to test.

Which BSPs that support qemu are missing from the rtems-test tool?

> I just want to confirm if I'm heading in the right direction. First
> get the old sim-scripts method working. Test qemu against
> couverture-qemu for bsps common to both. Then do the RSB support for
> couverture-qemu. Then get the RTEMS Tester work running and convert
> the rest of the sim-scripts. Is that right, or should I continue with
> the RTEMS Tester work?

I see 2 parts to the RTEMS Tester work, first the ability to run a specific qemu
for a BSP and the integration of the coverage support. Is this correct?

Where is the repo with the RTEMS Tester you are working on? I saw a post the
other day with some extra output and was wanting to ask.


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