RSB Couverture-Qemu build queries

Cillian O'Donnell cpodonnell8 at
Fri Jun 16 19:13:31 UTC 2017


I am getting the RSB to build Couverture-Qemu and I just want to check
a few things I have done so far.

1. There are about 5 patches applied to the current qemu build. Only
one of which applies cleanly to the Couverture build. Do you want me
to try and fix these up, comment them out and leave a note for
whoever wants to fix them or remove them completely? The patches that
don't work are:

%patch add qemu

%patch add qemu

%patch add qemu

%patch add qemu

2. For this source setting section, is the first part just dealing
with the case were this a packaged release so a tar of the download is
already included with it?

%if %{rsb_released} && %{!defined without_release_url}
    %source set qemu
    %source set qemu{qemu_version}.tar.gz

3. What does the -q option do in the %prep section of the build, this
option shows up in examples in the docs but there is no description of
what it does?

%source setup qemu -q -n qemu-%{qemu_version}

4. The current qemu build is configured with the default setting to
build for all architectures but most of the arch's aren't used by
RTEMS and/or don't have machine support for same bsps, so I've added a
--target-list to only build the targets that have a corresponding bsp
(sparc64-softmmu is missing as it runs into build issues, I forgot to
mention in the initial results). However the list spills over 80 lines
so should I make a %{qemu_targets} macro and if so where should I put

 --make=%{__make} \
 72     --target-list=arm-softmmu,i386-softmmu,lm32-softmmu,mips-softmmu,ppc-softmmu,sparc-softmmu
 73     ${VDE_CONFIG} \
 74     --disable-smartcard-nss \



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