Coverity Scan Issues

Joel Sherrill joel at
Wed Mar 15 15:33:44 UTC 2017


I have been running Coverity Scan on RTEMS, newlib, and
RTEMS Tools. If anyone in the community (including GSoC
students), wants to take a stab at analysing issues and
addressing them, you are more than welcome.

The links are:

A few words of caution.

+ First some of the issues are in code that originates outside RTEMS.
The solution path here is to get the issue addressed upstream and
bring it back to RTEMS. This effects at least libdl and libcrypt.

+ Second, I have filed tickets on some of the issues. Be sure to check
so work gets tracked correctly.

+ Third, Don't immediately assume an issue is a false positive.
The tools don't like something and even if the code is right,
it is often coded in a less than clear manner. If a program can't
figure the code out, a random person isn't going to understand
it either. See if it can be improved for clarity, simplicity, and

The scripts for building and submitting jobs to Coverity is
in rtems-testing/coverity. Not the prettiest but functional.

Help is definitely appreciated.


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