Creating an RTEMS image to be flashed on MVME6100

mohammad ahmad mnahmad12 at
Mon Mar 27 18:53:11 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I am new to both RTEMS and real-time/embedded systems. I have been tasked
to get RTEMS running on a MVME6100. I am trying to follow the instruction
on the Stanford SLAC site (,
however I am running into the following issue.

How do I compile the RTEMS image which I will then flash over to the
   - I tried following the quick start guide and installed the RSB and
followed the steps to build a toolchain for a powerpc. but I am lost from
that point.

My eventual goal is to get RTEMS running on the MVME6100 and then get the
NASA Core Flight Software running on the machine. Any pointers for how I
can accomplish this?

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