Failures with rtems-bsp-builder

Joel Sherrill joel at
Wed Nov 1 11:28:27 UTC 2017

Looks like some variation of the %%s issue is still present:

[   1/1565] arm/altcycv_devkit (debug)                         Start
[   1/1565] arm/altcycv_devkit (debug)                         Creating:
[   1/1565] arm/altcycv_devkit (debug)                         Configuring
run: %s: arm/altcycv_devkit.debug\
         /home/joel/rtems-work/rtems/configure --target=arm-rtems4.12\
         --enable-rtemsbsp=altcycv_devkit --prefix=/home/joel/rtems-\
         work/bsps --enable-debug
[   1/1565] arm/altcycv_devkit (debug)                         Building
run: %s: arm/altcycv_devkit.debug\
         make -j 12

 I will let it go and see if it picks up the build failures I know
currently exist.


On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 10:31 PM, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:

> On 01/11/2017 10:06, Chris Johns wrote:
> > I am seeing this as well and will fix it today.
> Fixed. I have pushed a fix. I can build tier-1 BSPs.
> Chris
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