[PATCH] tests: Use rtems_test_begin and rtems_test_end.

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Nov 9 05:29:57 UTC 2017

On 08/11/2017 17:12, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> My intention for suggesting the enum was to get rid of the uniqueness test and
> change rtems-test-check and rtems-test-check.py accordingly. There are loops in
> these scripts, e.g.
> for test in tests:
>     if mode == 'exclude':
>         if 'exclude' not in testdata or test not in testdata['exclude']:
>             output += [test]
>     elif mode == 'flags':
>         for state in states:
>             if state != 'exclude' and state in testdata and test in
> testdata[state]:
>                 output += [defines[state]]
> Is it possible that these scripts add multiple defines?

I do not think so. The process was defensive at the time when it was script
based processing and I have left it there. It should not be as easy with the
Python version so this can be cleaned up. I prefer this as a separate change
after this one so that change is not lost with the other changes.

The rtems-test-check script can be removed. This leaves rtems-test-check.py and
so I need to add a python check to configure.ac. I would also like to handle
builds with this at the same time. This means a test can be tagged in a .tcfg
file against a specific build option. I am not yet sure how difficult this will
be to implement.


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