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On 09/11/17 05:48, Chris Johns wrote:

> On 08/11/2017 20:33, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to merge the "RTEMS BSP and Driver Guide", the "RTEMS Porting
>> Guide", parts of the "RTEMS CPU Architecture Supplement", the
>>  and the
>>  into a new document
>> Contributor Guide". The aim is to have a single document useful for RTEMS
>> contributors.
>> Things like the coding standard should be moved to "RTEMS Software
> Engineering
> Standards". I said I would create this document but have not. I will try
> and do
> that this weekend.

What is the scope of this new manual? Why can't this be a chapter in a
manual containing everything of interest for a RTEMS developer/contributor
(not an application developer using RTEMS)?

> I am not sure about the other parts of the documents you refer too. I have
> not
> looked at them in detail to where they could go where. We have a User
> Manual and
> we will have a "RTEMS Software Engineering Standards" so do we need more
> documents or should be looking to reduce the number we have?

I think the documentation for RTEMS contributors is too scattered (and
horribly out of date, but this is another issue). It would be nice to have
one document that covers:

* Source code structure
* CPU architecture porting
* BSP development
* Driver development
* Coding standards
* Release engineering

That doesn't match any standard practices. You don't put process guides
with design information.

The first four may be ok in a single document. The second are software
engineering issues.

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