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Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijaykumar9597 at
Sat Apr 28 14:53:48 UTC 2018

> Hello Vijay,
> when you first registered, you should have received a mail with a
> password that you can use here:
> By the way: It's not 100% correct that you can't reply without breaking
> a thread. But it involves manipulating mail headers manually to get the
> correct "In-Reply-To:" and "References:" headers. Basically these should
> include the "Message-ID:" of the mail you want to reply to.
> You don't want to do that for your daily communication but it's useful
> to know these headers in case you want to send a patch to a thread via
> git. Git knows the command "git send-email --in-reply-to=<some id>"
> where you can provide a Message-ID.
> By the way: I did that manual mail manipulation once on another list
> (not RTEMS) to answer to some mail that has been written before I have
> been registered. But that's a lot of effort:
> - You would have to download the "Gzip'd Text" from the archive,
> - extract the mail that you want to answer to with a text editor,
> - save that as a .eml file,
> - import it somehow into your favourite mail client and
> - than answer to that mail.
> Like I said: Nothing you want to do for your daily communication ;-)
> It was educative, thanks :)
I switched to the the single mail mode instead

> Best regards
> Christian
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