[PATCH] rtems-docs: Eliminate UTF-8 characters, PDF still broken

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Thu Dec 20 07:24:04 UTC 2018

Hello Joel,

I don't think we should remove ALL the UTF-8 characters. I would like to 
be able to properly mention authors in the bibliography. I worked well 
for example for the RTEMS BSP and Driver Guide so far:


I use UTF-8 for all my Latex document sources. Not everything is English 
text in the world.

The problem in the new manual was the Unicode character (U+200B) which 
your command line hasn't found:


The special " and ' characters should be fixed, but the I²C is fine from 
my point of view.

find . -name "*.rst" | xargs -e file | grep Unicode |     cut -d':' -f1 
| xargs -e grep --color='auto' -P -n '[^\x00-\x7F]'
./bsp-howto/i2c.rst:9:The Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C, I²C, IIC) bus 
drivers should use the
./eng/test-plan.rst:24:“fully tested.” A fully tested requirement is one 
which is implemented
./eng/vc-users.rst:387:of the two branches, stores each commit of the 
branch you’re on to temporary
./eng/license-requirements.rst:12:for documentation and “Two Paragraph 
BSD” for source code.
./eng/appendix-a.rst:12:by a mission as a baselined starting point for 
./eng/appendix-a.rst:129:   | Usability      | Software User’s       | 
The Software User Manual        |
./eng/appendix-a.rst:136:that encompasses the artifacts’ intents. The 
idea is that this living
./eng/vc-authors.rst:28:account on dispatch.rtems.org one should be 
requested on the devel@… list.
./eng/vc-authors.rst:45:master repository generate email to the vc@… 
list and development type commits
./eng/prequalification.rst:17:change process, coding style, testing 
requirements, and a user’s
./eng/prequalification.rst:18:manual. During system test, these 
standards call for a review – usually
./eng/prequalification.rst:19:by an independent entity – that the 
standard has been adhered too. These
./eng/prequalification.rst:23:term “qualification” independent of the 
./eng/prequalification.rst:39:“pre-qualification”. True qualification 
must be performed on the
./eng/prequalification.rst:40:project’s target hardware in a system 
context. The FAA has provided
./eng/prequalification.rst:56:term “resources” is often used by open 
source projects to refer to
./eng/prequalification.rst:77:qualification standards. It will maintain 
“scorecards” which
./eng/users-manuals.rst:12:Reference the RTEMS C User’s Manual
./user/tracing/introduction.rst:43:Step 2: The RTEMS Trace Linker reads 
the user’s configuration file and that
./user/tracing/introduction.rst:47:wraps the functions defined in the 
user’s configuration with code that captures
./user/tracing/introduction.rst:56:Step 4: RTEMS shell provides the 
“rtrace” command to display and save trace
./user/tracing/examples.rst:59:fileio’s executable and object files in 
the last line of the command according

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