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Am 24.02.2018 um 16:21 schrieb Vijay Kumar Banerjee:
> Hello,
> As told by Joel, I sent the screenshots of my working hello world to his
> personal email and have also included my name in the GSoC tracking page .
> + Make Eclipse Target Interaction work with RTEMS
> (https://www.eclipse.org/tcf/)
> + Improvements to our coverage reporting. GCOV validation and covoar
> reporting improvements
> + wifi integration improvements
> + aarch64 port
> + x86_64 port / non-legacy PC BSP
>    - This project is large so we would need to work with whoever wants
> to tackle it
>      to find the best subset for GSoC.
> Based on this list I went through the OpenProjects page
> and came across the following Tickets .,
> #2920 ,#3222,#2927 and the link to eclipse tcf .
> out of them , I find these interesting
> 1.  "Improve coverage Analysis Toolset " (#2920);

This area is mine. The ticket mat or may not be a great description of the
goals. There are probably three things that need to be done.

+ Integrate ran recipes for Couverture variant of qemu. This might be a
very small task. Last year's student just didn't get this integrated and
was waiting for some patches to be merged on their side.

+ Verify the gcov output from covoar is correct and the gcov (and similar
tools) matches the coverage reports it generates. We have someone from the
GCC community to help mentor here.

+ Covoar generates HTML and text output directly. There is a desire for it
to generate something equally useful that is processed by existing tools to
generate reports. One possible option for this output could be Sphinx like
our regular documentation. Or it could be a data-centric format processed
by other tools. The current HTML allows filtering and sorting so not losing
information and ease of use is important. This probably will end up
simplifying C++ and adding Python.

> 2.  "libbsd:WiFi support needs rc.conf integration " (#3222)

Christian's project to mentor.

> also I came across # 3302 :" Build system conversion of BSP Config(.cfg)
> files to pkg-config(.pc) files"
> (I have some knowledge of Python, but not proficient in it, I can learn
> it better if it's required )
> which I find interesting

This one is Chris Johns project to mentor. It is an important and logically
the next step in replacing our build system with the Python based waf. If
you get through this one before the summer is out, then working on waf
would probably make sense.

Did I miss one?

Hello Vijay,

all of the projects would be good ones.

The #2920 and #3302 are more connected to the host tools. They should be
doable with few or no real hardware. But you should ask the two
potential mentors about that.

For the #3222 you would need some board supported by the libbsd (like
Beagle Bone Black) and I would suggest a JTAG debugger (some OpenOCD
based or similar).

> Am I following the right tickets? If not please help me find the right

The tickets are the right ones.

> Out of these , which one do you recommend me to take ?

I would recommend to take a more detailed look at the tickets and start
to ask some questions about it on the mailing list with CC to the
(potential) mentors.

Maybe you could also try to find some small tickets related to similar
topics and just try to work on these. That could help you find out what
you want to do.

> My experience with C/C++ : I am proficient in C++11 with STL . Also
> proficient in C language .
> My experience with opensource : This is the first open source project
> I'm taking up .

It's no problem if it's your first Open Source project. That's the point
of GSoC: To collect first Open Source experience.

Best regards

Christian Mauderer

> Thank you ,
> Vijay K.

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