RSB valid status check (was: Contribute to project)

Abhinav Jain jainab.2009 at
Tue Feb 20 06:12:49 UTC 2018


I have attached the patch file with this mail. I have tried to follow all
the conventions that were listed in the User Git page. I request you to
please check and guide me whether I have done it correctly or not or
whether something more is to be done.

Thanks and Regards
Abhinav Jain

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 4:13 AM, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:

> On 19/02/2018 21:19, Abhinav Jain wrote:
> > I have made the changes suggested by you in the code and hopefully, the
> issue
> > will be resolved as if the .git file is not found in the directory, the
> process
> > will not go ahead and hence the wrong git repository will not be changed.
> Excellent. Please post for review.
> > I request to please guide me whether anything more is to be done in the
> code or
> > should I proceed with a pull request.
> I assume you mean a github pull request. RTEMS uses patches sent to this
> list
> for review. The top page of the Wiki has a section called RTEMS Developer
> Information and in that section are links to User Git access and submitting
> patches. You can also attach the patch to the ticket.
> Chris
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