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On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 8:46 AM, Vidushi Vashishth <reachvidu at>

> Hello!
> I am Vidushi Vashishth from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi
> and I intend to participate in the selection procedure for GSOC'18. I have
> already submitted the Hello world patch. The past couple of days I have
> been going through the open projects and I am interested in the ones below:

Awesome! Make sure you are on the list here.

> 1) Run time tracing
> For this project I have been reading about the Common Trace Format
> Integration, Trace Buffering, RTEMS trace linker's working which utilises
> INI configuration files. I have been following the ticket #3028. I am
> currently working on the tasks present on the ticket's description. It
> would be helpful if the community could point out to any other relevant
> issues which I could work on to get a better idea about this project. I
> would get back when I find one myself. As suggested on the mailing list, I
> would also like to investigate the TCF project to see if a combination of
> both of these can be undertaken in one summer. Let me know if this is too
> optimistic.

As I mentioned on another thread this morning, CTF and TCF are IMO very
important things
for RTEMS to support. Sebastian was commenting how the tracing would help
If I had to assign a priority to the two, I guess I would put CTF first
because it fills a gap.
TCF is also important but we do have debugging now but TCF might offer some
capability we don't have.

> 2) Rump Kernels
> The project's description was a little open ended but garnered my
> interest. It would require a little more research from my end to come up
> with ideas myself. I would do that if time permits.

Given the current status of libbsd, I am not sure what the goal of it would
be. I think
originally it was proposed as an alternative way to get many BSD
capabilities onto

Can someone comment?

> I intend to write my proposal in a week's time.
> References:
> Best,
> Vidushi
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