[PATCH] rtems-tools: Add unittests for python, fix stdio handling

chrisj at rtems.org chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Nov 23 04:39:06 UTC 2018


Please test these patches and report.

The patches:

- Add unittests for the rtemstoolkit python modules. To run enter:

   ./waf test

  The tests will be run for python2 and python3 is present on your

- Improvie the reader thread line processor of child process stdio
  data. Switch the output streams to buffered io. This seems to
  fix some output related issues when running multiple simulators
  at once.

- I have run the rtems-test command with a zynq qemu and erc32 using
  python2 and python3.

  I did not some JFFS related timeouts with the erc32 where the run
  command has 0 load which I think is strange for an instruction


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