Does RTEMS5.1 have a release plan?

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Mon Oct 15 04:25:14 UTC 2018


Just so everyone knows Chris and I were at the GSoC Mentor Summit this
weekend. We spent a significant chunk of time triaging and fixing tickets.
This was on top of Chris helping me de-duplicate some of the getting
started documentation.

I can only ask the community, system administrator, and other core
developers to assist in fixing and closing the 5.1 tickets.



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> OK, I know. Thanks for the working .
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> On 11/10/18 9:01 pm, jameszxj wrote:
> >       We use the master rtems5 version in our project, it works fine. In
> the
> > next few months, we will release a project version, so we want to know if
> > RTEMES5.1 has a release date?
> The RTEMS 5 process is long overdue and I thank you for asking. We all
> need to
> again focus on it especially me. The delays are some what technical as
> well as
> related to me and personal issues that were out of my control this year.
> The
> release work is unfunded and they take time to make, create and verify.
> You can view the outstanding tickets here:
> Any one can help by taking a look at them and asking here or the ticket
> what you
> can do.
> The ticket is new and it is actually
> pretty
> critical effecting all releases of RTEMS, 4.10 and 4.11 will not build. I
> will
> be making a post about it soon.
> Chris
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