RTEMS SMP on Raspberry Pi 2

Ricardo Gomes (1161078) 1161078 at isep.ipp.pt
Thu Aug 1 10:49:03 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to collect some results of some experiments that I'm doing related with synchronization mechanisms for SMPs.
So far, I have the results for QEMU but I'm trying to use a Raspberry Pi 2 to obtain results in real hardware.

I saw the new patches that were recently added for the raspberry pi bsp and as mentioned in the emails related to the new patches I changed the start address to 0x200000.

However, I have a problem running my samples in the board. The kernel compiles without any problem. I'm using the following commands to compile it:

arm-rtems5-objcopy -Obinary

Now the issue occurs when I try to execute my tests for SMP, as the kernel freezes during the boot loader first stage.

As a side note, when I compile and execute something para single processor na RPi2 I don't have any issue. The issue only occurs when dealing with SMP.

Can someone help me in figuring out what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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