Graphics libraries in RTEMS

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Aug 5 22:21:15 UTC 2019

On 6/8/19 1:42 am, Vijay Kumar Banerjee wrote:
> Hello all,
> I now have a working framebuffer driver for Beablebone black where I
> can already print a picture on the screen. I'm starting to explore the
> graphics libraries as the next step in my project. 
> I have had a look at the RTEMS Graphics toolkit and have built a few
> graphics packages from RSB. What's the state of this toolkit and is there
> and a sample application built using these libraries that I can take as
> a reference? 

Some build and some are broken. This ticket
captures the current state. I am not sure how active these projects are.

> There's also another library mentioned by Chris at some point in time.
> This library also looks very interesting for building GUI apps in embedded
> systems.
> Which library should I start working with and maybe try to port to RTEMS?
> Any advice on where to get started? 

I would start with littlevgl. I am using it on Linux and it works well. The
project is hosted on GitHub and there is a forum that is active. I would start
with the latest version.


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