Problem: RSB does no longer install stand-alone sis

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sun Aug 11 00:35:55 UTC 2019

On 10/8/19 11:17 pm, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
> The problem comes from a commit to source-builder/config/sis-2-1.cfg,
> made on July 23. 

I am aware this is the problem and a revert may work for you but I seem to
remember it did a problem but I cannot remember what. :)

I would prefer we have the configs in the RSB use `%{host_build_flags}` because
in that expanded macro is the logic that handles all hosts and situations we
have found over the years.

> If I revert that, installation works again. If nobody
> objects, I will push a revert in about an hour and we can debug this at
> a later stage.

It hard for me to object or comment when I am not awake. Maybe a day or so would
be a better time frame and on a weekend a bit longer maybe be needed. :)


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