[PATCH v3] Basic Support for Trace Compass

Ravindra Kumar Meena rmeena840 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 04:13:23 UTC 2019

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the patch review.

This should be ...
>  (IRQ Statistics, IRQ Table etc.), Linux Kernel (Control Flow, Resources
> etc.)
> No spaces after '(' or before ')'.

> >  Step 1: The QEMU simulator is used to run a LibBSD based application
> and connect
> >  it to a virtual network on host. This requires to create a TAP virtual
> Ethernet
> >  interface for this.
> What is a TAP virtual ethernet interface? On which hosts?
The TAP interface works on layer-2 (Ethernet) in contrast to a TUN
interface which operates at layer-3 (IP). I am not sure on which host it is.
I have to confirm this with Sebastian.

> >  `rtems-tools <
> https://github.com/rmeena840/rtems-tools/tree/ravindra-rtems>`_
> >  and set up the environment, if haven't done already.
> Links to personal github repos cannot appear in the User Manual. Links
> have to
> be to the RTEMS hosted repos. If this is against code in your github
> libbsd repo
> it is OK to assume a documentation patch like this is merged after the
> code is
> merged and so it is OK to reference the RTEMS repo.
At the starting of GSoC Sebastian gave me two patches. One was for
rtems-tools and
another one was for rtems-libbsd. The rtems-tools patch got merged two days
back but
rtems-libbsd patch is not yet merged.

Sebastian patch for rtems-libbbsd:

I think it's better to confirm this with Sebastian if this need to be

> >  .. code-block:: none
> >
> >    cd rtems-tools
> Is this in the clone rtems-tools repo? What if a user have installed the
> tools?
'cd rtems-tools' means that the user has to run the command at
particular directory.
If user has installed the tools then user can skip the step. I mentioned
in step 1.

*Ravindra Kumar Meena*,
B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)
<https://www.iitism.ac.in/>, Dhanbad
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