[PATCH v3] Basic Support for Trace Compass

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Aug 23 04:25:09 UTC 2019

On 23/8/19 2:13 pm, Ravindra Kumar Meena wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> Thanks for the patch review. 
>     This should be ...
>      (IRQ Statistics, IRQ Table etc.), Linux Kernel (Control Flow, Resources etc.)
>     No spaces after '(' or before ')'.
> Okay 
>     >  Step 1: The QEMU simulator is used to run a LibBSD based application and
>     connect
>     >  it to a virtual network on host. This requires to create a TAP virtual
>     Ethernet
>     >  interface for this.
>     What is a TAP virtual ethernet interface? On which hosts?
> The TAP interface works on layer-2 (Ethernet) in contrast to a TUN
> interface which operates at layer-3 (IP). 

Qemu supports VDE and that is my preferred method of managing qemu networking as
qemu does not need to be escalated in privileges. The need to handle root type
operations can be messy to document and get right.

> I am not sure on which host it is.

Linux, FreeBSD, MacOs or Windows?

> I have to confirm this with Sebastian.
>     >  `rtems-tools <https://github.com/rmeena840/rtems-tools/tree/ravindra-rtems>`_
>     >  and set up the environment, if haven't done already.
>     Links to personal github repos cannot appear in the User Manual. Links have to
>     be to the RTEMS hosted repos. If this is against code in your github libbsd repo
>     it is OK to assume a documentation patch like this is merged after the code is
>     merged and so it is OK to reference the RTEMS repo.
> At the starting of GSoC Sebastian gave me two patches. One was for rtems-tools and
> another one was for rtems-libbsd. The rtems-tools patch got merged two days back
> but rtems-libbsd patch is not yet merged.


> Sebastian patch for rtems-libbbsd:
> https://github.com/rmeena840/rtems-libbsd/commit/0e5f1c89a1ce746de82457f17429ef2272c70a4c
> I think it's better to confirm this with Sebastian if this need to be merged.

I will not merge it, that one is for Sebastian.

>     >  .. code-block:: none
>>     >    cd rtems-tools
>     Is this in the clone rtems-tools repo? What if a user have installed the tools?
> 'cd rtems-tools' means that the user has to run the command at
> particular directory.

I will need to see the whole context so I can understand what is happening.

I do not expect users reading the User Manual to be building rtems-tools by
hand. This is why I typically reject patches with references to specific build

> If user has installed the tools then user can skip the step. I mentioned this
> in step 1.

Thanks. As stated I cannot review all that is happening without digging out the
other patch.


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