git --date=format: Not supported

Chris Johns chrisj at
Tue Feb 12 23:49:29 UTC 2019

On 13/2/19 9:41 am, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi
> With Chris' commit to rtems-docs, I tried to build the docs again. But something
> has changed and now the rtems-docs waf infrastructure depends on a newer version
> of git than is available. Tracking down the failed command, I ended up here:
> [joel at localhost rtems-docs]$ git log -1 --format=%h,%cd --date=format:"%e,%B,%Y"
> fatal: unknown date format format:%e,%B,%Y
> [joel at localhost rtems-docs]$ git --version
> git version
> This is the short intro to --date= in the man page shows:
>        --date=(relative|local|default|iso|rfc|short|raw)
>            Only takes effect for dates shown in human-readable format, such as
>            when using "--pretty". config variable sets a default
>            value for log command’s --date option.
> To support Centos 7, we will have to restrict what we use.

I will fix this.


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