Gaisler patches qemu leon3

Juan Rafael García Blanco juanrgar at
Fri Jan 4 12:33:20 UTC 2019


Gaisler provided some patches to make Rtems run on Qemu Leon 3, and they were tested to some extent [0]. However, I do not seem them merged into Qemu master; they no longer apply as they are in fact. Has someone any information on the status of this? I can see that the AdaCore fork of Qemu does have these patches integrated.

In addition, I think RSB still tries to gather Qemu Leon 3 patches from Gaisler, but they were removed from the server. I have located them in Rtems ftp.

I’m asking because I would like to volunteer to update the patches, send them to the Qemu team, and go through the review/fix cycle.

Thank you,


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