Do we really want to install the tests during a BSP install?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Jan 24 09:18:11 UTC 2019

On 24/1/19 6:58 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> I rework currently the quick start chapter of the user manual. I think we should
> recommend to build the tests for a BSP and run them. To build applications on
> top of RTEMS you have to install the BSP. If you build the BSP with
> --enable-tests, then the test executables are installed. This requires a lot of
> storage space:
> du -sh erc32/
> 2.5G    erc32/
> Compare this without the executables:
> find erc32/ -name '*.exe' | xargs rm
> du -sh erc32/
> 65M     erc32/
> Is this really what the normal user wants?

I doubt it is. I never run the tests from the install tree and I have never seen
it documented.

> If you want to archive thinks, then
> you probably also archive the build tree. 


> If the tests are successful, then you
> probably delete the build tree and no longer care about the tests.

If your project deploys a golden RTEMS you may want to have the executables
available to test on hardware as part of a set of conformance tests. In this
case it is not just RTEMS that is being tested it is RTEMS and the hardware or a
new revision of the hardware.

Could a top level Makefile target that packages the .exe files, a sort of tar of
`find . -name \*.exe` work?


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