Addition of Rule Checkers

Joel Sherrill joel at
Wed Jul 24 13:15:48 UTC 2019


I just wanted to make sure we followed proper procedures and policies when
considering rule checkers.

1. The license must appropriate.

2. There should be some basic requirements that the tool is expected to
meet to be fit for purpose

3. The tool must support the range of development hosts used in the

As a detail, once selected the tool needs to have an RSB recipe.

For style checkers, I am concerned that they are not integrated into the
normal development and build process. There is already enough "garbage
collection" to do and making a special pass. If that's the case, it will
just be a burden.

Just some thoughts. I'm not opposed to this, I just don't want something
like Coverity where it is only run periodically and only a few people even
look at it much less fix problems.

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