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Yesterday, I modified the metadata so that babeltrace can read the multiple
stream files.

For this, I added the stream_id at the beginning of every stream file. e.g

I modified the metadata by keeping in the following format in mind:
<strean_id> <ns> <event> <data> <ns> <event> <data>.....

The babeltrace was able to read the values from each stream files.

Now, I came across trace compass examples which use one stream in metadata
to read the multiple stream files.

I tried this approach but the babeltrace gives me following error:

[error] Stream 17 is not declared in metadata.
[error] Stream index creation error.
[error] Open file stream error.
[warning] [Context] Cannot open_trace of format ctf at path ctf.
[warning] [Context] cannot open trace "ctf" from ctf for reading.
[error] Cannot open any trace for reading.

[error] opening trace "ctf" for reading.

[error] none of the specified trace paths could be opened.

I even added packet.context in the stream but still, it reports me the same

struct packet_context {
uint64_clock_monotonic_t timestamp_begin;
uint64_clock_monotonic_t timestamp_end;
uint64_t content_size;
uint64_t packet_size;
uint64_t packet_seq_num;
uint32_t events_discarded;
uint32_t cpu_id;

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B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)
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