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> Hello,
> I worked a bit with Doorstop and found the YAML file quite interesting.
> The file format is not without problems:
> However, for simple configuration stuff it is easy to write, read and
> process. Changes can be reviewed well in Git (content is spread over
> lines).
> I experiment currently a bit with using a YAML file to define the RTEMS
> build.
> How should BSPs be identified in the future? Should a BSP name be unique
> across architectures or do we want to use an "arch/bsp" tuple?

Yes. :)

Seriously, I have been working on BSPs for running paravirtualized in Deos
( on the arm,
powerpc, and i386. I started out with each architecture calling the bsp
This worked for a while but eventually a change to the build system broke
Chris and I had a private (voice) discussion about this.

Historically, there never was a rule about this but I was the first case of
the same BSP name across architectures. This probably should have happened
before for BSPs for gdb simulators but it just hadn't. We ended up with the
that BSP names should be unique across all architectures.

But I think formally, arch/bsp is a better way to do it. Besides being
it implicitly encourages organizing BSPs by architecture.

FWIW when I explain BSPs and variants to people (like I did yesterday), I
try to get them to see that a specific BSP variant has an architecture, BSP
family,. BSP variant, and CPU model associated with it. But specific cases
like the erc32 and leon3 are confusing because the CPU model, BSP variant,
and CPU model are the same.

Anyway requirements are formal. Thus we should use the formal names.


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