GSoC Status update : BBB Framebuffer Project

Christian Mauderer list at
Wed Jul 24 19:39:29 UTC 2019

Hello Vijay,

On 24/07/2019 18:14, Vijay Kumar Banerjee wrote:
> Hello all,
> This is a mail to update my weekly status since the meeting got
> canceled this week.

Sorry for that.

> Progress:
> * Completed mmap patch
> This patch is pending approval. I'm not sure if it was supposed 
> to be merged or will it be merged after some test runs in fb or 
> PRU?

I haven't tested the patch yet. I'll try to do that in the next few
days. Sebastian reviewed it quite well so I think as soon as I've seen
the test run on one or two platforms I can merge it. Same is true for
your documentation patch that fixes the typos.

> * Added documentation for Beagle BSP
> * Sent Patch for documenting Device
> Tree:
> Blocker:
> The Initialization is still not fixed. Christian ordered a display cape
> and will test without HDMI.

The display arrived today. Although still a bit distorted, I get at
least an output on FreeBSD with an adapted device tree. Bad news is: No
output with your fb-sample. The backlight didn't light up (which is
expected) and I don't get any output if I search with a flashlight. I'll
try to hack in a backlight soon but normally if there is something on
the screen it should be at least slightly visible with enough light.

> Next: 
> I'm a bit short of ideas and waiting for feedback from Christian about
> the test using cape. Meanwhile, I'm trying to write a few docs. Also
> wrote blog on how to write an application in libbsd for the wider audience.

That's a good gap filler and it's great and useful if you contribute to
the documentation. But at least the first tests with the display didn't
give much results. So most likely you should try some other methods of
analysis. I think you had thought about debugging the FreeBSD kernel to
find out the differences?

Best regards


> Thanks,
> Vijay

PS: Sorry for sending it twice to all directly addressed. I used the
wrong "from" address the first time so it didn't reach the list.

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