POSIX Compilance- #2966, GSoC Project 2019

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Thu Mar 7 19:22:16 UTC 2019

On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 10:28 AM Vaibhav Gupta <vaibhavgupta40 at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I was exploring open projects and got very much intrested in the following
> ticket:
> #2966 - POSIX Compilance : https://devel.rtems.org/ticket/2966
> .
> As on the page, the project is divided into multiple sub-tasks. For many
> of them I am not able to find their current status and if enough work is
> left on them to be included as a GSoC project.

If the sub-tickets are not closed, then the assumption should be they still
need to be addressed.

It is pretty easy to check that the ticket still applies. There has to be
an implementation of the missing
method(s) in newlib or RTEMS.

> I would like to know the good combinations of sub-tasks which can compile
> into a good GSoC project under the "POSIX" ticket. I am very much
> interested to take this project. It would be great if someone mentors this
> project, I want to discuss further on this.

The highest priority methods in my opinion are those that are missing in
FACE General Purpose Profile (Edition 3.0). RTEMS has good alignment with
the FACE Safety Extended Profile but is missing some methods for FACE
Purpose Profile. Our conformance report is here:


Match the missing methods vs tickets and if something looks questionable or
just ask.

FACE is an Open Group standard that started in the avionics community. It
four operating system profiles. For the POSIX profiles, RTEMS does well
against the
lower 3 (Security, Safety Base, and Safety Extended).

That said, I think a lot of the missing methods for FACE GPP are math
and likely would need to be ported to newlib from an appropriately licensed
project like some FreeBSD.

This project is primarily identifying properly licensed versions of the
POSIX methods, porting them to newlib/RTEMS, and adding tests.

> .
> Also if there are new any new projects which are not mentioned on
> open-projects page? That can be taken up as GSoC project, I would love to
> explore them as well.

We try to be good at creating tickets when we get ideas. I hope
there aren't many we forgot to do that for. But there might be some
from other people.

> Thankyou
> Vaibhav Gupta
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