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Jose Valdez Jose.Valdez at
Mon Mar 11 13:24:41 UTC 2019

Hello all,

I am José Valdez from EDISOFT.

I am working for the RTEMS SMP project which aims to pre-qualify RTEMS SMP for space missions.

I am investigating tools which may partially automate the software development process, i.e: Requirements Management, Design and Unit test tools and source code analysis and metrics tools.

Currently I have been investigating myself and also requested Sebastian Huber for some tools he knows. With this information I am building an excel sheet with the summarized information about the tools (not yet complete). Could you please help in this discussion, indicating, as far as you know:

è if do you know other open source Requirement Management Tools

è if do you know the tools provided and if they are/are not suitable for RTEMS SMP

è if do you remember any tool feature not listed in excel sheet, that is relevant or if do you know any feature not listed that may block its selection for RTEMS SMP

As far as I have currently discussed with Sebastian Huber, we have the following ideas:

è Tools which use databases are to be avoided

è Deprecated tools ("dead projects") are to be avoided

è Could be interesting to have a tool which can import/export ReqIf standard file

Looking forward for your suggestions

Best regards

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