BSP Basics in Doxygen Recommendations?

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> Hello,
> I am about to update the Doxygen Recommendations in the RTEMS Software
> Engineering handbook. Currently, there is a lot of other content mixed
> in such as "BSP Basics". We should really try to avoid all the
> duplication across the documentation set which is simply not
> maintainable. What is the right spot for information relevant to a BSP
> writer/maintainer (source tree layout, expected driver, documentation,
> etc.)? Should this be
> * a section in the RTEMS Software Engineering handbook, or
> * a section in the RTEMS BSP and Driver Guide?
> Should the RTEMS BSP and Driver Guide be merged into the RTEMS Software
> Engineering handbook?
I don't think they entirely fit together. The SwE book is about processes
and policies for RTEMS (along the path toward pre-qualification). The
BSP/Driver guide includes some suggestions along those lines, but is mostly
about implementation details and how to use certain driver/BSP frameworks
we have in place. I think that maybe there should be a short
section/chapter in the SwE that might provide the specific expectations
(requirements, BSP-specific processes to follow, etc.) we have about BSPs,
with the pointer to the BSP guide for implementers to follow.

My two cents.


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