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> On 16/05/2019 11:05, Ravindra Kumar Meena wrote:
> The record data format is described in
> cpukit/include/rtems/recorddata.h. If you think this documentation is
> insufficient, unclear and needs to be improved, then please do this as
> part of the project.

I can see there is a fixed set of 512 system reserved and 512 user-defined
events. The total size of the record i item is 32 bits out of which 10 bits
are allocated to the event and 22 bits are allocated to timestamps. The
record item is defined in two formats 32 and 64 bits.

> With the Qemu simulation you set up during the project proposal, you are
> able to get a TCP stream of record items from the Qemu target to your
> host. You also have an example client which sorts this stream,
> determines the timestamps and prints the items.

The stream print function is defined at
rtems-tools/misc/record/record-main.c inside function "static void
print_item( FILE *f, const client_item *item )".  This function prints the
TCP stram.

> Your job is now to convert the record item stream into a CTF stream.

In order to convert to CTF, we need to know the structure of it. I followed
this page The CTF stream packet has three major
parts header, context, concatenated events(header, stream-specific context,
event-specific context, payload).

*I would like to point out one thing that I recently pulled the
rtems-libbsd and tried to build it again. The build fails due to recent
commits made in the master branch(after the commits "Update due to API


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