How important is Cygwin support for host tools?

Christian Mauderer list at
Thu May 30 13:09:24 UTC 2019

On 30/05/2019 14:46, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> On Thu, May 30, 2019, 7:41 AM Jiri Gaisler <jiri at
> <mailto:jiri at>> wrote:
>     Does anyone still use Cygwin for RTEMS development? The reason I ask is
>     that I have some portability issues for sis (no async I/O on sockets in
>     Cygwin) and I would like to avoid some ugly workarounds if possible. In
>     the age of virtualization and even WSL in Win 10, do we still need
>     Cygwin ...?
> There are still users on Cygwin and we test there periodically to avoid
> breakage.
> It would be nice to see sis work on Cygwin but I understand if it won't.
> --joel
>     Jiri.

Hello Jiri,

you mentioned WSL. Isn't that still more or less beta? I would expect
that it is very hard to activate that in some company environments. The
same is true for Virtualization or cygwin. I think a lot of developers
are dependent on what their companies IT allows. So it is always good to
have as much options as possible.

On the other hand most of the time companies work with a specific BSP.
Although sis is incredible useful for a lot of cases it isn't a
necessity for all users. So I'm personally not strongly biased for one
side or the other.

Best regards


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