RTEMS Release Snapshots

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Oct 28 07:24:20 UTC 2019


A release is long overdue and I have been struggling to find unfunded time to
complete the needed work required to complete a release.

The good news is I have started the work on the release scripts in any spare
time I have on the weekend. I am still not sure how much time this will take and
so when a 5.1.0 release can be created. You may have noticed the series of fixes
to the RSB.

A major issue with releasing is the rot that creeps in overtime as needed
changes are made to RTEMS and the eco-system. As a result I will start to create
development branch release snapshots on the first day of each month. These will
be labeled <release>-m<year><month>, for example 5.0.0-m1911.

Development release snapshots will be available to down load from our file
download site under the standard release path ...


For example:



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