RSB Qemu Leon3 patches error

Jiri Gaisler jiri at
Mon Oct 28 09:20:13 UTC 2019

On 10/25/19 4:01 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi
> I am not sure what's up with the Leon patches but I am getting a checksum error and wanted to see if Jiri or someone else knowledgeable could investigate and fix.
> warning: checksum error: 0001-LEON3-Add-emulation-of-AMBA-plug-play.patch
> warning: removing: 0001-LEON3-Add-emulation-of-AMBA-plug-play.patch
> making dir: /home/joel/rtems-cron-5/rtems-source-builder/bare/patches
> download: (full) -> patches/0001-LEON3-Add-emulation-of-AMBA-plug-play.patch
> download: -> patches/0001-LEON3-Add-emulation-of-AMBA-plug-play.patch
> checksums: 0001-LEON3-Add-emulation-of-AMBA-plug-play.patch: 1162bfb7b5839237803356e5fb6efaafdec5b9d2df9d23de42c86d48c5e35327 => 5f2ca77e727dc3b4f9d78ff8c62d610b1bc2afd3345106401cf26e99452db067
> warning: checksum error: 0001-LEON3-Add-emulation-of-AMBA-plug-play.patch
> error: checksum failure file: patches/0001-LEON3-Add-emulation-of-AMBA-plug-play.patch
> Thanks.
> --joel

Could you try to build devel/qemu4 instead?

I cannot debug this at the moment as building of qemu fails on my system due to compile errors of glib-2.39.3 (Ubuntu 18.04). Building of qemu4 work OK though.


PS. I have mailed with the qemu team who will include my remaining patch for qemu-4.1 in the master. The next stable qemu should thus be usable without patches..

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