Tiering, Expected Failures, and BSPs which Run on Multiple Sims/HW

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Fri Oct 25 14:08:45 UTC 2019


Last week, there was a rare meeting of a handful of core developers. One
issue was implementing the tiers of BSPs we have discussed for a couple of
years now. There is general agreement on the basics of the tiering. Tier 1
has test results on hardware. Tier 2 on simulator only. Tier 3 is known to
build. Tier 4 doesn't build and if that isn't fixed is a path to removal.

A couple of the challenges are getting test results for lots of BSPs and
digesting that into a scoreboard (potential GSoC project?).

We would like BSPs to have passes and expected failures.This requires work
to identify which failures are expected on a particular BSP. Again this
requires help to work through the results. You can look at the build@
mailing list archive to see how many simulators I have been reporting
results on.

One question we need to discuss is what about BSPs which can run on
multiple simulators and possibly real hardware. For example, the sparc BSPs
can run on real hardware, sis, qemu, and tsim. How do we distinguish the
same BSP's expected results on > 1 platform?

Achieving the details of the tiering and having test results is important
to the project and community. It will take community help to get results
and keep BSPs at Tier 1.

Please pipeup on some of the questions and see what it takes to get your
favorite BSP to tier 1.


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