libbsd update of master branch

mko me at
Wed Sep 25 11:15:00 UTC 2019

> On 25/09/2019, at 11:12 PM, Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at> wrote:
> On 25/09/2019 13:10, mko wrote:
>>> On 25/09/2019, at 11:07 PM, Sebastian Huber<sebastian.huber at>  wrote:
>>> On 25/09/2019 13:00, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>>>> On 25/09/2019 12:37, mko wrote:
>>>>> I just checked the freebsd branch, it’s on Freebsd-12-Stable. Have you consider using the coming FreeBSD-12.1-Release? It’s in Beta, and the official release will be on November.
>>>> I track the stable/12 branch so that I can use a git rebase to update the libbsd.
>>> There are two branches in libbsd, the 5-freebsd-12 branch tracks stable/12 and the master tracks trunk.
>> Cool, I hope the new CAM based SDIO stack will bring sdio wifi support to rtems
> It is feasible to port it, however, I don't know anyone working on it.
currently even freebsd have no sdio wifi support, maybe we could wait for the driver comes from freebsd community, then port it to rtems

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