What opens stdout? printf() fails after rtems-tester printf() succeeds.

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Wed Sep 25 13:50:41 UTC 2019

> On Sep 25, 2019, at 07:50 , dufault at hda.com wrote:
> Yes, I did.  Below is the configuration, it is very similar to some of the ones in the tests.  I added the RTEMS_TEST_INITIAL_EXTENSION in order to get rtems_tester_printf() to work.

I broke the console output in July when I got the BSP to build for the head with "libbsd" but only recently got back to actually using this work, then I was focused on getting everything building for that target.  See the email "build of libbsd for powerpc fails with error:redefinition of 'eieio'".  Back then I moved definitions out of <bsp.h> and into <libcpu/io.h>, but I failed to put <libcpu/io.h> in the shared console, thinking code would fail to compile if they referenced the definitions.

That PowerPC shared console has the following "iffy" code with BSP_UART_IOBASE_COM1 no longer defined.  In console initialization it skips over that port when it sees the ISR entry point set to 0.

I'll have to revisit everything affected by that change to look for similar "#ifdef" logic.

    { "/dev/ttyS0",
#ifdef BSP_UART_IOBASE_COM1 <<< *No longer defined*.

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